A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

An Empty Jar Under a Concrete Moon...

When the midnight monster lost the only thing he ever loved – a precious jar of cookies, that is – to a villainous crime, help came from the only one who ever loved him: from Cloud, the mysterious auburn dame with her feet on the ground and an eye in the sky, thanks to her trustworthy drone. When cookie storms off into the raging witch's brew of downtown like a bull, mad and hungry, Cloud launches her hovering halo, promising to show her blinded hero the divine way of justice…

Cookie and Cloud is a cooperative arcade maze-game for two players. Find the cookie thief in the gritty guts of the city within the time limit and help our protagonists to find what they are looking for – if such a thing can ever be more than a dream in a noire setting. Player1 controls the hard boiled Cookie – he is the only one able to catch the thief but suffers from a limited point of view, wandering between the menacing building blocks of downtown. Player2 controls Cloud, who is too far away to catch the thief but can overview the whole city thanks to her drone. Only if both players combine their advantages and communicate profusely can the crime be solved. Make good use of the crime-scene evidence that Cookie can find scattered across the streets so that Cloud can guide him smart and safely!

Instruction Manual

Requirements: Webserver, Node JS

1. Download the zip. folder

2. Extract it into your webserver's htdocs

3. Start a server with bashscript "startserver.sh"

4. Launch two clients via localhost/CookieNoir

5. Enjoy the game!


Arrow keys and mouse

Hardware Requirements

Up-to-date browser system, preferably Chrome

The Team behind Cookie and Cloud (strictly alphabetical)

  • Andreas Leibetseder, Godfather of Gamedesign
    (Coding, Mechanics, Design)
  • Daniela Bruns, aka the Femme Fatale Freelance Writer
    (Texting, Layouting, Storytelling, Graphic Design)
  • Felix Schniz, aka Terror on the Typewriter
    (Texting, Layouting, Storytelling, Voice Acting)
  • Günter Kössler, aka Criminal Coding Mastermind
    (Coding, Design)
  • Natascha Rauscher, aka Vaudeville Visual Artist
    (Graphic Design, Voice Acting)
  • Peter Hafele, aka Jazzclub Bouncer
  • Sara Agha-Hossein-Kashani, aka Support Singstress
    (Team Motivation, Graphic Design)
  • Tarek Abdel-Azizs, aka Bits and Bytes Brawler
    (Coding, Team Organization)


CookieNoir.zip 70 MB